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Andrew Madsen and C. W. Anderson, of Mt. Pleasant, Purchased a Herd of Sheep in Idaho in 1886 - By David R. Gunderson

  In October 1886, Andrew Madsen and his brother-in-law, C. W. Anderson, both of Mt. Pleasant, purchased a large herd of sheep in Idaho. Andrew Madsen and two of his sons, Andrew C. (age 19) and Neil M. (age 13) went to Idaho to receive the new herd at Glens Ferry, near Mountain Home. Andrew Madsen then entrusted the new herd of sheep to his two sons and they trailed them back to Sanpete by way of Kelton, Corrine and over the desert west of the Great Salt Lake.

The sheep were wintered in Skull Valley, then, in the spring of 1887, they trailed them to the Madsen-Anderson ranch at Indianola. The ranch provided sufficient range to support the new sheep herd without interfering with the cattle which were already there and their successful venture in raising sheep had begun.


Map showing the roughly 250 mile trail route used in 1886 &1887 to
trail the sheep between Glens Ferry, Idaho and Indianola, Utah.

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With permission of David R. Gunderson, we include the following book to our blog.   I will do a few increments at a time, as I have done with the Andrew Madsen and James Monsen histories.  I will also paste the pages over to David's own blog page:

This book will be of interest to not only the Gunderson Family but also to the Brotherson, Ericksen, Peel,   Madsen, Larsen and more.


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